Report: Browns won't be on Hard Knocks; team concerned about Johnny Manziel

It appears the Cleveland Browns will win the day regarding "Hard Knocks."

The team did not want to appear on the NFL/HBO training camp reality show, and made its feelings known at the league meetings in March.

A report from Tony Grossi of ESPN-Cleveland states NFL Films will honor the request. According to Grossi, the league does not want "an unwilling participant."

The Browns were blunt about their feelings in March. One of their concerns was the focus of attention the series would bring to Johnny Manziel as he continues on the road back from a 10-week stay in rehab.

"You just weigh everything in," coach Mike Pettine said in March. "Because being a part of 'Hard Knocks,' having been there, knowing they're going to look to cover the team's biggest current storylines, it's obvious that he would be a point of attention."

Browns owner Dee Haslam said the team would be good sports if required, but clearly did not want any part of the show.

"I think the best solution for the NFL is that somebody raises their hand and volunteers," she said in March. "You can get a better show. I think that hopefully will happen. I don't think we'll raise our hand."

Houston and Buffalo were reported to be the finalists, but the Bills are not interested and because they have a first-year head coach cannot be forced to participate, a source told ESPN's Mike Rodak.

Washington has been mentioned as well, but the Redskins are opposed to the show and do not believe they are a candidate to appear.