Johnny Manziel maintains support of Browns fans

The discussion about Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel's weekend at the Byron Nelson Golf Classic was occasionally intense in Cleveland on Monday.

Though much of the city's sports community is focused on the NBA Finals, there was some time for Manziel discussion.

Two viewpoints seemed to emerge. The one that Manziel lives in a bubble unlike any we've seen in a long time, with his every move watched and scrutinized. There also is the viewpoint Manziel helped create that bubble and then cries foul when the bubble works against him.

Saturday's incident -- in which Manziel responded to a badgering fan by throwing a water bottle -- re-energized the discussion of Manziel's future with the Browns.

It's hard to remember the last time a backup quarterback brought such polar opposite feelings and reactions. People love him intensely, or want him gone.

I opined immediately after the 2014 season that the Browns should let him go, that he wasn't worth the trouble he was giving them.

That, thogh, was before Manziel spent 10 weeks in rehab. When a guy volunteers to go to rehab, he deserves a fair chance.

Many seemed to feel the same way, until Saturday.

On Twitter, I asked for some reactions. In just more than an hour I got 46. While this is hardly a scientific poll, it does reflect some of the thinking.

In support: 47.8 percent

Against: 30.4 percent

Neutral, or folks who said what happened was meaningless: 21.7 percent.

Based on the numbers I received, three in 10 think it's time to let Manziel go. Turn that around and just short of 70 percent stand by Manziel, or feel what happened in Texas was not worth the coverage it received.

Here's a sampling of answers: