Mike Pettine: New extra point means advantage Browns

BEREA, Ohio -- Coach Mike Pettine views the change in the extra point rule the way he should: As an advantage to the Cleveland Browns.

"You'd like to think that we'll be used to it," Pettine said of a 32-yard extra point try in cold weather.

The league has moved the extra point attempt to the 15 on a kick, but is leaving the ball at the two if a team elects to go for two. Numbers show a drop in accuracy from the longer distance in cold weather, but Pettine hopes that drop affects other teams more than the Browns.

"You bring in a warm-weather kicker, a California kicker or a guy that's used to kicking in a dome, the likelihood of them missing might be a little bit higher. We're used to our stadium," Pettine said.

The one flaw in the thinking is the Browns have kickers on the roster who are not accustomed to the home-field conditions. Carey Spear and Travis Coons are both first-year players who have never kicked for the Browns.

Spear at least grew up in the Cleveland area (Mayfield) and had the nickname "Murderleg" at Vanderbilt.

Pettine does not see teams going for two a lot -- depending on the conditions.

"Since this is Cleveland," Pettine said, "and being in the AFC North and you have the potential for some bad-weather games or some wind, you might get some choices late in games where if the kickers aren't doing well that could potentially force a decision to 'Hey, let's go ahead and go for two.'"