Will Terrelle Pryor be one of the Cleveland Browns' 53?

Can Terrelle Pryor make the Cleveland Browns' final roster?

The odds do not seem to be with him. Pryor has simply not played enough receiver for him to step in and make significant contributions in his first attempt at the position.

The Browns understand the challenge, but GM Ray Farmer has insisted in the past that he will not prejudge a player before he's given a chance. The Browns know Pryor has a lot to learn, but they see him as a guy with size, athleticism and speed. With no money guaranteed, there is zero risk.

Still, in some ways this is a strange move -- especially combined with the reality that the Browns drafted a receiver with a broken thumb that required surgery.

To address a position of need, the Browns drafted an injured guy who runs a 4.56 and claimed via waivers a former Ohio State quarterback trying to play receiver for the first time.

The words “go” and “figure” come to mind, but the longest of long shots pay handsomely if they win -- and the team did add Dwayne Bowe and Brian Hartline via free agency.

Pryor had some success when he started nine games at quarterback in Oakland in 2013. Browns offensive coordinator John DeFilippo was his position coach in Oakland, and with the Browns Pryor won’t play quarterback, which probably says something.

Pryor was traded to Seattle after the 2013 season and released last September. He caught on in Kansas City in January but was released in May. He tried out in Cincinnati, was signed and released a month later.

Roster spots are valuable. A team that needs playmakers clearly feels it’s worth a shot in this case and nothing is gained if nothing is ventured.

But the Browns have had an interesting approach to receivers and the draft since Farmer took over as GM.

The team released Charles Johnson after the preseason in 2014. Tuesday on NFL.com, a headline featured Minnesota’s Charles Johnson as 20th on a list of 20 who will make a big leap in 2015.

The Browns didn’t draft a receiver a year ago from what could be among the most productive receiver classes ever. In the 2015 draft, the Browns didn’t take a receiver until the fourth round. Vince Mayle is big and strong, but he's a question mark after having thumb surgery following the draft. He’s expected to be fine, but until he shows that it’s a question.

Now they sign a project.

As a quarterback skilled in the read-option, Pryor could be of great value in two-point conversions.

As a fast, elusive guy, he could be a nightmare for defenses in certain game situations; there was a time when Josh Cribbs was used properly on offense.

Maybe the Browns are keeping those plans under close guard.

Because as a receiver … well, this one is a tough catch.