10 to watch in training camp: Scott Solomon a rising star?

Ten players of interest in training camp ... No. 5.

The player: Scott Solomon

The position: Outside linebacker.

The contract: One year, $660,000.

The situation: Three years, four teams, zero starts -- and to hear defensive coordinator Jim O’Neil, Solomon will be a standout against the run.

The intrigue: Solomon was another “guy” on the roster until an offseason media gaggle with O’Neil. He put Solomon in a cannon and shot him over the circus tent. O’Neil’s gushing over Solomon seemed over the top -- even for the enthusiastic coordinator. It shot him not only over the tent, but into this list. Because it makes him an interesting guy to watch. “It’s going to be a car accident when Scott Solomon meets a pulling guard or a fullback,” was just one of O’Neil’s comments. OK then. Solomon was your basic unknown last season, thrown into action due to injuries. He responded, and his plays included a strip-sack of Cam Newton. That seemed to pique the interest of the coaching staff, which gave him more opportunity in the offseason with Barkevious Mingo recovering from shoulder surgery. To hear O’Neil, Solomon is penciled in as the guy who will help a staggering run defense on the outside. He has been with four teams in his three season, and has yet to start a game. Players have been found in stranger ways.