Time for Browns to put Terrelle Pryor back at quarterback

Terrelle Pryor is already on the Browns' roster and has played in the NFL at quarterback. AP Photo/Jay LaPrete

BEREA, Ohio -- The solution for the Cleveland Browns quarterback quandary is already on the team's roster.

There’s no reason to sign another team’s retread, no need to bring in a project or an aging veteran. At this point the Browns need only to recognize that asking Terrelle Pryor to move to receiver during a camp when he’s struggling with a hamstring is an experiment that is going nowhere.

Put Pryor back at quarterback, let his former quarterback coach bring him along and see what happens. Pryor at least has started in the league, and won three games. He also knows the offense.

Coach Mike Pettine was asked if there was any discussion about Pryor moving back to quarterback, and he gave a blunt “no” for an answer.

It may be time.

All of this, of course, is based on the reality that Johnny Manziel’s elbow issue is significant enough to require signing another quarterback on the roster.

Pettine more or less said it’s a move the team needs to make. Connor Shaw already is out after thumb surgery -- an injury that takes on greater meaning with each day. And Manziel is also sidelined, at least through the Tampa Bay game.

Whether Manziel will be out longer remains to be seen.

The Browns shrugged off his elbow soreness when it first flared up Aug. 11. Two weeks later they were sending Manziel for an MRI and saying it could be managed through the season.

This doesn’t exactly inspire confidence, but the only certainty right now is that it is highly unlikely Manziel will play in the third preseason game Saturday in Tampa Bay. And the fourth oreseasib game is five days later.

The web site spotrac.com lists available quarterbacks, and players on the list include Jason Campbell, Tyler Thigpen, Jordan Palmer, Josh Johnson, Devin Gardner and Tajh Boyd.

Do any of them really sound any more appealing than seeing what Pryor can do?