Travis Coons' 48-yard extra point might be an NFL record -- or not

BEREA, Ohio -- Cleveland Browns placekicker Travis Coons had a 48-yard extra point in the team’s season-opening loss, which might be an NFL record.

Except nobody seems to know.

Special teams coach Chris Tabor even asked if anyone in the media had learned if Coons' first extra point as a Brown was a record.

The NFL Record and Fact Book does not have the information. Nor does Elias. Nor does ESPN Stat’s and Information’s data go back far enough.

Extra points are merely listed as extra points, without distances. So to determine if there’s a longer one has not been possible.

The ESPN Stats folks report that it’s the longest extra point since 2001, with the second longest also in that time also last Sunday, when the Cardinals made one from 37 yards.

"What we’re trying to get done there is that since that was his first game, we were trying to get him as many kicks as we could," Tabor quipped.

Before this season, extra points were 20 or so yards long. Now the ball is placed at the 15, making the kick 33 yards. Coons made the first kick, but the Browns were penalized five yards for an illegal formation.

He made the second kick.

But the Browns were penalized 10 yards for holding, making his third try 48 yards.

"As it’s going further and further back, your chances of it going through are going down," Tabor said. "Every point is critical."

Did he have a chuckle about it on the sideline?

"Not really," Tabor said, with a complete straight face.

The kick was Coons’ first in the NFL.

"It was crazy," said holder Andy Lee (Coons was not in the locker room during the interview period). "We just kept backing up. ... He still pipes it."

A kicker making a 48-yard extra point prior to this season would have had to do so after either three 10-yard penalties, or two 15-yarders. The odds seem long.

Lee said he will consider it a record until proven otherwise.

"I’ve never heard of one longer," he said.