Mike Pettine shrugs off player concerns that defense is easy to read

Don't expect much change in the Cleveland Browns struggling defense.

Mike Pettine shrugged off any concerns from his players that his defense is either too predictable or lacks variety in calls.

He added he has great confidence in coordinator Jim O'Neil, and he plans no wholesale changes to the defense either in personnel or scheme.

Pettine attributed player concerns about the defensive calls to "competitiveness."

"It's hard to disguise everything," Pettine said Monday after the Browns fell to 1-3 with a loss to the Chargers. "I don't put too much stock into it. I think a player hears a quarterback call one thing one time and then it's, ‘Oh they know what we're doing.' As a staff we don't get too wrapped up in that."

He said a quarterback like Philip Rivers is trained to recognize defenses, and that O'Neil does a good job of mixing things up.

Comments about predictability and lack of variety in defensive calls came after the game from cornerback Tramon Williams and linebacker Paul Kruger. Williams said Green Bay's defense -- where he spent his first eight seasons -- had more variety but he knew the defense the Browns ran when he signed to move to Cleveland. Kruger said he has to play better, but did add that at times Philip Rivers seemed to know what was coming.

"I think that comes from their competitiveness," Pettine said. "NFL quarterbacks are a lot of times … that's what they're trained to do. I think Jimmy does a good job of mixing things up."

Heading into Monday night's game, the Browns rank 32nd and last in the league in total defense, 22nd in pass defense and 31st in rushing defense.

But Pettine sees no significant lineup changes, and no dramatic change in the scheme.

"We know after watching the film that we're close," Pettine said. "But we're in a bottom line business. As I've said all along, you're either winning or you're losing."