Among names to consider as Browns coach: Adam Gase, Doug Marrone

The Cleveland Browns are again in the market for a coach, and they're doing it in a year when there are no obvious college candidates, and no obvious experienced NFL coaches on the market.

Here's a list of possible coaches to consider:

Tom Cable, assistant head coach/offensive line, Seattle Seahawks: Did a much better job in Oakland than most recognize, and has burnished his resume since.

Adam Gase, offensive coordinator, Chicago Bears: Haslam thinks very highly of him and would love to hire him, but he's spurned the Browns in the past.

Todd Haley, offensive coordinator, Pittsburgh Steelers: Will be hired again by someone after he and Ben Roethlisberger brought new life to the Steelers offense. Haley was hired to run the ball more, but he's adjusted into a passing coordinator.

Hue Jackson, offensive coordinator, Cincinnati Bengals: A true no-nonsense coach who deserves another chance after one 8-8 season in Oakland. Hiring Jackson would be a coup in that it would bring a very talented, smart coach to Cleveland, and hurt the Bengals.

Chip Kelly, former coach, Philadelphia Eagles: He has NFL experience and the Browns were interested in him three years ago. He might even be able to convince Jimmy Haslam he can make something of Johnny Manziel.

Doug Marrone, assistant head coach-offense, offensive line coach, Jacksonville Jaguars: Some may think the way he left the Bills after one season as head coach hurt his stock, but he has plenty of respect around the league.

Josh McDaniels, offensive coordinator/QB coach, New England Patriots: He's turned down the Browns so many times you wonder if the Browns would even reach out again.

Sean McDermott, defensive coordinator, Carolina Panthers: The hot assistant coach candidate of this offseason will be on everyone's list.

Jim Schwartz, former coach of Lions and former defensive coordinator of Buffalo: Has head coaching experience and had far more success running Buffalo's defense than Mike Pettine and Rex Ryan.

Kevin Sumlin, coach, Texas A&M: What better way for the Browns to commit to Manziel than to hire his college coach? Nobody knows, though, if the events of the weekend regarding Manziel will eliminate him from the Browns plans.