With Browns moving on from Johnny Manziel, who's next?

Ad Pro Test Clip 112 - March 2017 (1:27)

Ad Pro Test Clip 112 - March 2017 (1:27)

Who's next?

That's the question at quarterback (again) for the Cleveland Browns now that they have made it clear they will move on from Johnny Manziel in March.

To answer the question, remember the words of owner Jimmy Haslam the evening of the season finale: "We do have the No. 2 pick in the draft."

There are three quarterbacks considered worthy of a high draft pick. The Browns could stay at No. 2 and take one, or they could trade down and hope to take one. The Browns also have the 32nd overall pick because the Patriots lost theirs, so the team could take a quarterback at the No. 2 or No. 32 slot or use the 32nd pick to move up for one.

Precedent, though, might scare them away from trading up. The past three times they did that for a first-round quarterback, they wound up with Manziel (whom they took with the 22nd pick), Brandon Weeden and Brady Quinn. None worked out.

Here's a look at the three main options for the Browns if they take a quarterback at No. 2, with early February odds on their selection:

Jared Goff

College: California

Size: 6-foot-4, 210 pounds

Comment: Goff seems to have moved slightly ahead of Paxton Lynch as the most NFL-ready quarterback in terms of ranking. He had an outstanding bowl game, throwing for 467 yards and six touchdowns against Air Force. Goff has a strong arm with touch. Problem is he's not considered the second-best player in the draft. Most analysts put him somewhere between No. 6 and 12 in their overall rankings. The Browns really have to believe in Goff to take him at No. 2.

Odds: 4-1.

Paxton Lynch

College: Memphis

Size: 6-6, 230

Comment: Some early projections had the Browns taking Lynch at No. 2. Now some have him in the second round. Such is the life of a draft-eligible quarterback. If Goff improved his status with an excellent bowl game, Lynch hurt his by going 16-for-37 for 106 yards against Auburn. Lynch's positives: He has great size, completed 67 percent of his passes this past season and has excellent mobility.

Odds: 14-1

Carson Wentz

College: North Dakota State

Size: 6-5, 231

Comment: Wentz's stock rose at the Senior Bowl, but he started just 24 games in his career and played in the FCS. He has never faced competition of anything like the type he will face in the NFL. Wentz has a strong arm, and he's the buzz of the draft talk simply because he played in the Senior Bowl. He seems a serious stretch for the second spot but might be worthy of No. 32. The Browns will need to do a ton of homework showing he can make the transition from North Dakota State to the NFL if they want to draft him.

Odds: 12-1.