Joe Haden favors Jalen Ramsey, understands low expectations for Browns

The Cleveland Browns have not had much pre-draft contact with Florida State defensive back Jalen Ramsey, but he's still the guy Joe Haden would favor the team selecting with the second overall pick.

"That's my man," Haden said in a candid, recent interview with ESPN's Josina Anderson. "Like, that would be fire."

Ramsey said Thursday he has had little contact with the Browns and has no visit planned. That could mean any number of things, including nothing because the team might believe it knows Ramsey well enough and does not need to bring him in.

Haden, a two-time Pro Bowl cornerback, said he does not think the Browns need a quarterback in the first round.

"I like RG3 [Robert Griffin III] and I like Josh McCown," Haden said. "I think that we can definitely get it done with them. I think we need some help on the offensive line. ... We might be able to get a defensive pass-rusher and like a safety."

Haden pointed out a stunning fact: Joe Thomas is the only current teammate who was with the Browns when Haden was their first-round pick in 2010. That's a remarkable reality, and part of the reason Haden would like McCown on the 2016 team.

"I would definitely advocate for Josh because he's another guy that is a team dude," Haden said. "People like team dudes. I'm in the business of not just shipping people. If you got good dudes who are good locker-room dudes ... it's about relationships. People play harder when you got that family vibe."

Haden admits that defensively the team has to stop the run, and he has to return to Pro Bowl form. He called 2015 an off year for him "with injuries and other things."

He also understands the low expectations for the team this season, and why people doubt the Browns can win.

"That's the thing," he said. "They're [going to] have to. We lost a lot. We haven't [done] much. We've got a long way to go. We have a lot of stuff to get better at. I got a lot of stuff I got to get better at, but I just feel like we are going to be moving in the right direction.

"The offseason just started. We know from the outside looking in, no one expects [anything] from us this offseason, and that's a good thing; so we can just come out and shock everybody."