That's so Browns: After missing a year, Josh Gordon reports with a quad injury

Josh Gordon reported to the Cleveland Browns on Tuesday.

He took a physical.

He has a quad injury.

The injury will keep him off the practice field for the first couple weeks of training camp.

After all the drama from his off-field suspensions and after applying twice to be reinstated, Gordon reports to the team with a chance to step on the field and revive his career.

Except for that quad injury.

So he'll watch for perhaps the first couple weeks, perhaps more.

This new Browns regime is trying to do things differently by bringing in a certain quality of person and player. It's not fair to make fun of them for this injury; the team had zero control over Gordon's conditioning while he was suspended, and it is serious about changing a culture that needed changing.

But in the big picture of the entire Browns experience, this tale (sadly) fits. Every time there seems to be a step forward, there's a blocked field goal returned for a touchdown or an incriminating video or a quad injury or some other drama.

This one could hardly be more Browns if it were scripted.

After waiting more than a year to work with the team and after releasing a statement saying he "can’t wait to get back out there and play the game I love in front of the great fans of Cleveland," Gordon reported to camp unhealthy.

Yes, injuries happen.

But really and truly -- that's just so Browns.