Hue Jackson pulls back on Browns, Robert Griffin III

Hue Jackson cut short Browns practice by about 45 minutes for the top units. AP Photo/David Richard

BEREA, Ohio -- Monday was break day for the Cleveland Browns -- and by extension quarterback Robert Griffin III.

Coach Hue Jackson conceded that his players were weary, so he cut practice short by almost 45 minutes and limited the full speed work with tackling to the third and fourth teams.

As a result, Griffin didn't get a ton of snaps. He did have the best throw of the day, though, a back-shoulder fade to Randall Telfer.
 Jackson has yet to officially name a starting quarterback, but the writing is on the field. Griffin has taken every first-team rep in training camp, and he took every first-team rep in the offseason.

"There are some things that he's done really well and there are some things that he's got to continue to improve on, just like every quarterback that we have out there," Jackson said.

He added players have had to learn a lot in a short time.

"We're dumping it on them pretty hard," Jackson said. "There's quite a bit going in, because once we get to Day 6 like this all our offense is in. All our offense, defense, special teams is in. Now it's just fine-tuning everything. Whether it's perfect right now … it doesn't need to be. We're three days into practice. We'll get better as we go."

As for cutting back, Jackson and the Brown sports science staff both felt it was time.

"I kind of know when we're at that point where it's getting a little too much, and then you back off a little bit," Jackson said. "I think that's a feel thing."

It was an interesting take from a coach who promised an active and physical camp. At various points of practice, a siren will go off, signaling that the drill to follow is full speed with tackling.

But when the siren went off Monday, the starters and backups went to the sidelines while players deeper on the depth chart competed.

"That's an opportunity to develop our young players on our football team," Jackson said. "The veteran guys have done it. Had them do it (Sunday). I don't think they need to do it all the time."