When will Browns win? Analytics suggest they won't in 2016

BEREA, Ohio -- Linebacker Chris Kirksey made his thoughts clear after the Cleveland Browns' embarrassing blowout loss to Dallas on Sunday sent the Browns to 0-9.

"We're not going to go winless," he said. "We're going to win a game.”

Coach Hue Jackson on Tuesday said he supported Kirksey "100 percent."

"Somehow, someway, we are going to find a way not to be 0-16," Jackson said.

These statements show where the Browns are as a team. Instead of talking about building and looking to the playoffs, the Browns are talking about winning sometime before 2017. The problem is that with each loss this season the negatives grow and the strain increases. Losing wears on a team, and constant losing becomes an albatross.

When will the Browns win?

The numbers say they won't.

ESPN Analytics says the Browns have a 19.4 percent chance to beat Baltimore on Thursday night, and no better than a 34.9 percent chance to win a game at all. That best chance comes Dec. 11, when the Bengals come to Cleveland. The only other game the Browns have better than a 30 percent chance in is Dec. 24 against San Diego, at 30.4 percent.

Upsets happen, but the Browns' chances to win one single game are not good. In three of their remaining games they have less than a 20 percent chance — against Baltimore, at Buffalo (11.8 percent) and the season finale against Pittsburgh (12.9).

The (relatively) high number for the game against the Bengals is a bit surprising. Nobody has run away with the AFC North, which means that every game remaining for Pittsburgh, Baltimore and Cincinnati matters. For the Browns it matters only in regard to getting rid of that zero in the win column.

“We don’t want to be the team with no wins at the end of the season,” said cornerback Tramon Williams.

ESPN Analytics says the Browns have a 14.7 percent chance of losing out — up significantly from the last two weeks, when the number was below 5 percent.

"It is about this team really staying together and fighting together," Jackson said.