A play-by-play march to an 0-13 (and counting?) Browns season

Any chance Browns win on Sunday? (1:01)

Mark Schlereth and Jeff Saturday do not think that the Cleveland Browns will walk away with the victory against the Bills. (1:01)

A winless season doesn't just happen. Game by game, play by play, a team loses and loses and loses. In each game, a play or two stand out that not only epitomize that loss, but also the season of struggle. Let's take a game-by-game look back, which we'll update weekly until the Cleveland Browns get their first win:

Dec. 11 -- Cincinnati Bengals 23, Cleveland 10

The play: The easy thing here would be to point to the team mascot Brownie elf slipping and falling on his face as he reached for a ball that had rolled to the sidelines. That brought a lot of Twitter posts and plenty of yuks at the Browns' expense. But it's too easy to to do that to a winless team. There's an actual play from this game that sums up the situation better, and that happened in the second quarter when the Browns ran a flea flicker from their 2. Duke Johnson took the handoff, stopped and flipped back to Robert Griffin III, who promptly threw into triple-coverage. The pass was intercepted. This play summarized the season. To try to get a win, coach Hue Jackson was willing to try anything, including a flea flicker from his end zone. Then the pass was thrown into coverage, a mistake. And then it was intercepted. This one play summed up the desperation and frustration surrounding the team each and every day.

Nov. 27 -- New York Giants 27, Cleveland 13

The play: Kickers dominated this game. The Browns' Cody Parkey opened with a kickoff out of bounds, which even Hue Jackson said set the tone for the day. Meanwhile, the Giants' Brad Wing punted nine times and his team won by 14. The Browns lost their 15th game in a row and became the first team since 2013 to lose by at least 14 to a team that punted nine times.

Nov. 20 -- Pittsburgh 24, Cleveland 9

The play: Le'Veon Bell scores from the 1 with no time on the clock at the end of the first half. Because of Browns penalties, it was the second play the Steelers ran with no time on the clock.

Nov. 10 -- Baltimore 28, Cleveland 7

The play: Technically, it wasn't a play, but it was quite a moment when the Browns called timeout before the first play of the game because the defense had 12 men on the field.

Nov. 6 -- Dallas 35, Cleveland 10

The play: Dak Prescott got the Cowboys on the board with a 17-yard touchdown pass to Jason Witten, the first of three TD throws by the guy the Browns had ranked lower than Cody Kessler in the last draft. Prescott was the second rookie quarterback the Browns could have drafted to beat them this season.

Oct. 30 -- New York Jets 31, Cleveland 28

The play: Ryan Fitzpatrick's 12-yard touchdown throw to Quincy Enunwa marked the beginning of second-half dominance by a mediocre (at best) Jets team, and epitomized the Browns' defense as Enunwa slipped four tackles to score.

Oct. 23 -- Cincinnati 31, Cleveland 17

The play: It was more of a moment than a play, as Jackson ripped his headset off in the game's final minutes and spent the rest of a bad loss stomping the sideline. Said Jackson after a game when Kevin Hogan became the sixth quarterback to throw a pass in a game: "I don't like losing."

Oct. 16 -- Tennessee 28, Cleveland 26

The play: Jackson goes for two with 2:07 left after the Browns had cut a deficit to nine; the Browns missed, meaning they needed the ball twice in the final 2:07 to win. Had the Browns kicked the extra point, it still would've been a one-possession game. Jackson stood by the decision.

Oct. 9 -- New England 33, Cleveland 13

The play(s): Kessler left the game in the first quarter with injured ribs; Charlie Whitehurst left in the fourth with an injured knee. Terrelle Pryor took over, meaning the Browns used three quarterbacks in one game.

Oct. 2 -- Washington 31, Cleveland 20

The play(s): Leading 20-17, the Browns were driving when they gave the ball to Malcolm Johnson for the first carry of his career; he fumbled, Washington recovered and went on to score the go-ahead touchdown. Naturally on the next drive, Duke Johnson fumbled, and as he was holding the ball aloft to show he recovered it, officials gave the ball to the Redskins.

Sept. 25 -- Miami 30, Cleveland 24

The play: Cody Parkey, signed the day before the game to replace a kicker who was injured on Friday, missed a 46-yard field goal on the final play of regulation and Miami won in overtime.

Sept. 18 -- Baltimore 25, Cleveland 20

The play: After blowing a 20-0 lead, the Browns tried a furious last-drive comeback and appeared poised to have a shot when Pryor caught a pass at the 10 with 27 seconds left. When Pryor flipped the ball to the official, it stuck to his glove and instead hit a Ravens defender in the helmet. Pryor was flagged for taunting (?); a potential comeback chance ends.

Sept. 11 -- Philadelphia 29, Cleveland 10

The play: Carson Wentz dropped a perfect 35-yard pass into the hands of Nelson Agholor, securing the Eagles' win. It was Wentz's second perfect TD score, as the Browns opened by losing to the player they could have drafted second overall.