Scrimmage brings little clarity to Browns' confusing QB situation

CLEVELAND -- The quarterbacks provided little clarity to a murky situation in the Cleveland Browns' intrasquad scrimmage Friday night.

Brock Osweiler looked the most comfortable and had the best numbers, but he managed two field goals in four drives. Cody Kessler and DeShone Kizer faced second- and third-team defenders and got no points.

In 11 possessions, the offense managed three field goals, with no touchdowns.

There were few points, little production and no big plays, though coach Hue Jackson shrugged it off.

"There was some spotty play on the field, but it wasn't about who won or anything like that," Jackson said. "It was just competing and trying to do some different things."

As for the quarterbacks, Jackson said the situation as "still really fluid."

Which is one way to put it.

At this point of camp, nobody has seized the job, and while Kizer had throws that impressed during recent practices, in the scrimmage the rookie didn't get much done. In fact, a 5-for-5 showing from Kevin Hogan had the coach talking about four guys competing rather than three.

"You want somebody to be head and shoulders above everybody else, but let's be honest, when you have four guys that are getting a bunch of reps, it's hard to do," Jackson said. "Pretty soon, like I said, we have to stop that part of it and move forward with who we think can go play quarterback for us. And that's the fair thing to do."

Kizer's night had just started when somehow an end-around pass by Corey Coleman was called. The pass was intercepted, so Kizer got two plays.

His night ended with a last-minute drill in which he guided the offense to scoring territory, but missed a wide-open Duke Johnson for what would have been a 30-yard touchdown.

"Oh my gosh," Kizer said, shaking his head. "For him to be that wide open and me to miss is unacceptable."

The drive ended with Kizer rolling left from the 15 and throwing to the right across his body in a futile attempt to score on fourth down.

"You can't throw the ball across your body in the end zone with people there," Jackson said. "Those are the things that young players I think we all know revert back to. That is what we have to get it out of him in those situations."

Kizer had one throw that lost three yards but another to the sideline to Josh Boyce that gained 15. He was able to avoid the rush, but didn't always capitalize with a good throw.

Unofficially, Kizer went 7-for-14 for 46 yards.

"I have played better," Kizer said, but noted that just getting into the team's stadium and on its field was beneficial for him.

Kessler got the reps with the first team and really didn't get much done. He threw six times, completing four for 29 yards. He was sacked twice and had two three-and-outs.

Osweiler had the most productive night but never got near the end zone. Unofficially he was 10-of-16 for 86 yards with some good throws during a two-minute drive. But he and the offense did not sustain much.

"I felt like we were really close to getting into a really good rhythm," Osweiler said.

Jackson now has to decide his next move before Thursday's preseason opener against New Orleans, and there is no clear or easy direction. The Browns will practice Saturday, then have Sunday off. Monday might be the first inkling the direction he's leaning against the Saints.

Jackson cautioned, though, that just because someone starts the preseason opener does not mean he'll start the regular-season opener against Pittsburgh.

Right now, there's simply no putting lipstick on this pig.