Malzahn spurred his extension at Auburn

The Cleveland Browns reportedly have interest in talking to Auburn coach Gus Malzahn, who coached in the national championship game Monday night. Florida State defeated the Tigers 34-31.

But would they be able to talk to him, much less hire him?

Nobody knows. And the Browns have not admitted they are even interested in Malzahn.

But ... on Dec. 7, Auburn and Malzahn agreed to a six-year contract extension that increased his pay to $3.85 million, with a and $250,000 increase each year after.

Athletic Director Jay Jacobs said that Auburn wants Malzahn “to be at Auburn for a long time.”

The extension reportedly includes a buyout, though how much is unknown.

Contracts have become hazy things in college sports; a contract sometimes is binding until a guy wants out.

But according to this story on AL.com (based in Birmingham), Malzahn was the impetus to getting the deal done.

He walked into Jacobs office late in the evening the Thursday before the SEC Championship Game and simply said: “Let’s get this done.”

Malzahn is in his first season at Auburn as a head coach after a successful season at Arkansas State.

He may well listen to the Browns, but it sure seems that a guy who negotiated his own extension and did it Thursday night after practice and a TV show believes he is in the right place.