Browns rookie review: DE Armonty Bryant

This week we'll take a look back at how the Browns draft picks fared in 2013, with one per day going in reverse order of late-round picks to first-round pick.

DE Armonty Bryant

Stats: 183 plays (16.5 percent of overall defensive plays), 12 tackles, eight solo, two sacks.

2013 role: Fill-in and part-time player. Bryant had no starts, and played when injuries to players ahead of him gave him time.

The good: Bryant actually showed some quickness and ability to get to the ball in his limited playing time. It's a cliche anymore to say a guy “flashed,” but Bryant did that, showing good agility for a big man and some quicks.

The bad: Seventh-round picks have a tough road to ride, and Bryant made his more difficult by getting arrested for a DUI shortly after he was drafted. Bryant showed enough to earn a second chance, but he'll need to keep working to keep advancing.

Looking ahead: Bryant actually looked like a guy who could be a decent three-four end. He'll need more time to grow, but the Steelers do this with their linemen all the time. They draft them, let them develop and when they're ready they play. The question is if a new coaching staff is patient enough with a holdover to see if he can grow into a good player.