Numbers from Kyle Shanahan's offenses

Kyle Shanahan has been an offensive coordinator for six years, which allows for the ability to draw some conclusions.

Shanahan's apple dropped close to the tree, as he runs offenses much like his father, Mike. He also has worked in two situations in which the head coach had great input in game plans and play-calling: for Gary Kubiak in Houston and for Mike Shanahan in Washington.

The case could be made that this experience with the Browns will be the first time Kyle Shanahan has true and complete say in the offense.

What do his previous numbers show?

  • Josh Gordon should be pleased. Shanahan found a way to use his lead receiver a lot and get him plenty of yards. Three No. 1 receivers had at least 1,300 yards, a fourth had 1,100 and a fifth just missed 1,000.

  • Shanahan's top receivers averaged 1,197.5 yards per season, the second wideout 662.3. Which means the second receiver had just more than half the average amount of yards as the top receiver (55 percent). Shanahan finds his No. 1 guy, and uses him. This may, as ESPN.com's Matt Williamson pointed out, actually help Greg Little keep a job with the Browns.

  • Shanahan also ran the ball fairly well, though not as well as he had his teams throw it. The lowest per-game rushing total for a season was 92 yards, the best 169. His running game ranked as high as first in the league to as low as 30th, twice.

  • Most interesting is that the offense did not score a lot of points, despite the yards. The most points Shanahan's offense averaged was 27 in Robert Griffin III's rookie season, and it averaged 22.05 points over six seasons, 17th in the league.

Here are the numbers, averaged over six seasons (two in Houston, four in Washington):

  • Total offense -- 365.1 yards

  • Total offense rank - 9.2

  • Team rushing -- 117.4

  • Team rushing rank -- 17.3

  • Team passing -- 247.7

  • Team passing rank -- 10.5

  • Team scoring -- 22.1

  • Team scoring rank -- 17.5

  • Individual rushing leader -- 998 yards

  • Individual passing leader -- 3457.3 yards

  • Individual passing TDs -- 18.3

  • Individual passing INTs -- 12.8

  • Individual receiving leader -- 1,197.5

  • Second WR yards -- 662.3