Browns pick Justin Gilbert in 1st

BEREA, Ohio -- The pick: Cornerback Justin Gilbert of Oklahoma State.

My take: It won't be the most popular pick, because the Browns gave up a chance to draft two playmakers in Sammy Watkins and Mike Evans. But it's a sound pick -- and by making two trades, the Browns wound up with the guy they clearly wanted, along with an extra first- and fourth-round pick in 2015. That's a good haul from the fourth pick, especially if the team believed Gilbert was the guy it wanted. As draft day approached, more and more murmurs started to filter out that the Browns liked Gilbert. Wednesday, ESPN's Sal Paolantonio reported he had heard from sources about a trade back and the drafting of Gilbert. Clearly, the Browns feel they need a strong press, man-to-man cover corner. Gilbert is considered one. So the Browns got two extra picks in 2015 to swap spots, traded back and still wound up with the cornerback they wanted. There is nothing to dislike about this pick -- or about the way the Browns got it done.

The deal: The Browns keep showing that things have changed in their front office. For Ray Farmer to acquire a first-round pick from Buffalo in 2015, plus swap picks this year and move down to the only ninth spot is an excellent move. In 2011, the Browns moved from the sixth pick to 26 so Atlanta could get Julio Jones. That deal netted the Browns two first-rounders, a two and a four. Farmer got the same extra first-rounder to move down just five spots. It's tough not to like that deal.

What’s next: The Browns will have another first-round pick, the 26th overall. That pick was acquired last season in the deal that sent Trent Richardson to Indianapolis.