Mariucci to Manziel: Chill out off the field

Steve Mariucci joined the bandwagon of folks offering advice to Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel.

Mariucci coached Brett Favre in Green Bay, and offered a five-point plan for Manziel to be ready to compete for the job in training camp -- starting with what Mariucci called the "extracuricular activity" off the field.

Since being drafted, Manziel has been followed and photographed partying in Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Austin. He even was courtside at Game 2 of the NBA Finals.

While most of Cleveland is treating the off-field weekends with a shrug, Mariucci showed his coaching side by suggesting on NFL Network to Manziel: "Take it easy off the field."

"Because we are watching you and you've got to make sure that you're a pro not just when you're in the building but every day of your life going forward," Mariucci said.

He then pointed out that players like Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck turned down endorsements in their rookie season "to focus on the job at hand."

"Johnny needs to do some of that," Mariucci said.

His other four points were more football related:

  • Manziel should watch as many cut-ups and video of Kyle Shanahan's offense as he can before training camp starts in late July. Mariucci said Shanahan has video of the offense in Washington, Houston, Denver and San Francisco when his father Mike was offensive coordinator in a Super Bowl season. Manziel should get them all, Mariucci said. "He can watch Steve young play if he wants to," Mariucci said. "Watch the cut-ups and learn this offense like the back of his hand."

  • Learn protections, all of them. Mariucci called this very, very important so he can handle the protections and blitzes.

  • Study professional defense, which are light years different from college.

  • Be prepared for limited reps in training camp because Brian Hoyer may receive more. "Johnny's going to have to take advantage of every snap that he gets," Mariucci said.

If Manziel follows these points, Mariucci said he can be prepared to "compete very well."

What's interesting about the five-point plan?

It's probably the exact same plan Hoyer will follow, except nobody's really talking about that.