Johnny Manziel Camp Daily: July 31

A day-by-day and honest look at Johnny Manziel's first training camp with the Cleveland Browns:

THE WORK: More of the same. Some good throws, some very uncertain throws. Who knows what to make of a player's news conference anymore, whether he's giving the company line or hiding something or telling the truth, but Manziel said that things have been challenging for him early in camp. That it's been a challenge isn't in the least surprising. Things like presnap reads and calling protections are all new to him, and they're not simple. But to hear Manziel use phrases like "a struggle" and "I'm a rookie" and he might not have been drafted to start right away are revealing. Manziel has not done a great deal to seize hold of the starting job, though his next best chance to make any kind of statement comes in Saturday's scrimmage at the University of Akron. The scrimmage and the preseason games will show more about whether Manziel has come farther than he's admitting.

GOOD THROW: Manziel had a nice shot down the hashmark to Gary Barnidge in a team drill. The throw was on the money and on line, as Barnidge caught the pass in front of a safety and was able to turn and head upfield.

BAD THROW: In a third-down play in a simulated short-yardage situation, Manziel threw toward Andrew Hawkins, but the ball was behind him. It was a throw folks in Cleveland have seen from many quarterbacks the past 15 years.

THE WORD: "I think you said it well when you said knee-jerk reaction. We have a long way to go, and we'll start to -- even with some of the other positions -- start to mix the groups up." – coach Mike Pettine, answering whether it's a knee-jerk reaction to say Brian Hoyer is ahead based on the fact Manziel has only been with the twos.

START METER: On a 1-to-10 scale, with 10 being Manziel certainly starts the opener, we'll take a look at his chances as he goes through camp.