Johnny Manziel Camp Daily: Aug. 2

A day-by-day and honest look at Johnny Manziel's first training camp with the Cleveland Browns:

THE WORK: When Johnny Manziel's scrimmage day ended, he talked about having to adjust to having plays sent to him through a helmet communicator. “That’s unfamiliar to me,” Manziel said. Which pretty sums up where he is as he attempts to grow into the starting quarterback. Manziel didn’t have glittering numbers in his first scrimmage, but on his second drive he moved the ball 63 yards and held it 16 plays. By any measure, that is effective -- though many of the plays came because of his moving around. On two throws, he squeezed positive from negative as he squeezed in sideline throws before going out of bounds. On a fourth down, he found Willie Snead. Manziel struggled with a play call, turned the wrong way on a handoff and had some throws that sailed wide. But he was able to make plays with his feet, run around and get something done. For a guy who is learning one step at a time and emphasizes he is focused on learning, it was a positive step.

GOOD THROW: Manziel’s best throw came on a slight rollout right. He threw to the corner of the end zone and placed the ball perfectly in Gary Barnidge's hands just before Barnidge went out of bounds. Officials ruled the pass incomplete, but had there been replay the perception of the play would have changed quickly. It was an adept throw with excellent touch and came on a play when he read, planted and threw.

BAD THROW: The start was poor, summed up by a brief summary of his first four plays: Broken play when Manziel or a back turned the wrong way, penalty, wild overthrow and scramble for a few yards. It was, as Manziel admitted, a sloppy start.

THE WORD: From Manziel himself: “I think for me, it’s to get better every day. I keep saying that, and I know it’s getting old. I mean that’s really the story of my life right now. I have to get better, learn the stuff, and continue to get more and more familiar with every single play in our offense. Days like today help.”

START METER: On a 1-to-10 scale, with 10 being Manziel certainly starts the opener, we'll take a look at his chances as he goes through camp.