Johnny Manziel Camp Daily: Aug. 4

A day-by-day and honest look at Johnny Manziel's first training camp with the Cleveland Browns:

THE WORK: Johnny Manziel's first day working with the starters was an inconsistent one, but it’s also an important one. Anytime Manziel can get quality work with different players it helps. And if he was inconsistent, it’s not unexpected. Because he is a rookie learning a new system. So the fact that Manziel got a full day with the starters was good for him, and good for the Browns. Whether it translates into Manziel starting remains to be seen.

GOOD THROW: Manziel’s first throw of the team drills was a long post pattern that Travis Benjamin was able to aggressively attack and come down with for a big gain.

BAD THROW: That same deep throw to Benjamin floated, and in most cases would have been broken up by cornerback Joe Haden. Haden inexplicably missed the ball, but came back two plays later to tip a pass intended for Josh Gordon into the hands of safety Donte Whitner for an interception. The pass summed up Manziel’s day: It was thrown into coverage and resulted in a turnover.

THE WORD: "I like both of them. Both of them are doing really positive things trying to control the offense. They’re just getting more comfortable. The defense isn’t really helping out too much. We’re trying to make it as tough as possible for them." -- Haden, on quarterbacks Brian Hoyer and Manziel.