Pettine downplays chart, but Hoyer is No. 1

BEREA, Ohio -- Tuesday was the calm after the storm at the Cleveland Browns training camp.

The day after Johnny Manziel took all the first team reps -- and created the expected buzz -- Brian Hoyer was back sharing time with Manziel, and getting more first-team snaps as practice went on.

Tuesday also was the day the Browns had to release their first depth chart. Hoyer is the starting quarterback.

Coaches hate releasing depth charts because it does set a tone and a feel for camp. It also comes at a time when coaches don’t want to make public their decisions.

But prior to games teams have to include a depth chart in the weekly news release.

“I did it because I had to do it,” Mike Pettine said. “I think at a lot of positions we would have have slashed guys.”

As in use a slash between names to indicate one is not ahead of the other. Asked if quarterback was a position he might have slashed guys, Pettine smiled and said: “I might.”

Then he clarified.

“No, Brian is the starter,” Pettine said.

That does not mean, though, that Manziel is not making his push. He threw some good passes in practice, and looks a little more comfortable every day. Pettine admitted, though, that Hoyer is ahead in terms of making quicker decisions and getting the ball out faster.

Regarding other positions of interest on the depth chart:

What does it all mean? Not much, according to Pettine.

“I wouldn’t put a lot of credence in that,” he said. “It’ll be very fluid and there will likely be changes after every week.”