Brian Hoyer updates contract status, wants to be the guy

BEREA, Ohio -- Pending Cleveland Browns free agent quarterback Brian Hoyer briefly updated his contract situation without revealing much, except his biggest priority.

Playing time.

That’s understandable for a player with nine NFL starts in five-plus seasons.

"I don't think I need to say more than I'm from Cleveland and this is where I want to be, but I'm also a competitor," said Hoyer, whose 3-2 Browns head to Jacksonville this week. "I want to be somewhere where I'm playing."

Negotiations between the Browns and agent Joe Linta have stalled since early summer, but Hoyer’s play in October could change that. Hoyer has 1,224 yards, seven touchdowns and one interception through five games, putting him on pace for nearly 4,000 yards based on a full season.

The Browns must address Hoyer’s contract status while mapping out a plan for first-round pick Johnny Manziel.

When asked about Manziel's presence and speculation that Hoyer wouldn't agree to a long-term deal with Manziel on the roster, Hoyer said he's not sure where that came from and that his agent handles all contract matters.

"Right now I'm focused on Jacksonville," Hoyer said.

The Jaguars are winless but not fooling Hoyer.

“You can’t fall into that trap,” Hoyer said. “You watch the tape and you wouldn’t know they haven’t won a game.”

My quick take: Hoyer played this one straight up, which is the right call. Not sure what else he can say. If he enters into the Manziel-Hoyer dynamic too deeply, he creates a story that deviates from the Browns’ recent success.

Now, the quote about being a "competitor" is intriguing because it makes the distinction between being comfortable and not taking the proverbial hometown discount. He wants to be the guy. And the Browns are officially on the clock.