Browns GM John Dorsey facing historical challenge in this year's draft

Editor's note: Tony Grossi covers the Cleveland Browns for ESPN 850 WKNR.

John Dorsey may have aced his first Browns draft, but his second one poses some unique challenges.

The Browns GM is without a first-round selection as a result of the trade for Odell Beckham Jr. This is the first time since 2008 the Browns don’t have a pick in the first round.

A trade up into the first round seems unlikely, despite Dorsey’s pat response that his cell phone is on and open to receiving calls.

Beyond the absence of a first-round pick, Dorsey’s available arsenal has a murky franchise history.

The Browns currently own eight picks in the April 25-27 draft. They are at the following overall positions: 49, 80, 119, 144, 155, 170, 189 and 221.

In the history of the franchise since its participation in the 1950 NFL draft, the Browns have drafted in those positions a total of only 12 times. And other than linebacker Galen Fiss, one of the heroes of the Browns’ last championship in 1964, the pickings have been pretty slim from those draft positions.

Here’s a look at the Browns’ draft history at the positions Dorsey will be making selections in two weeks.

No. 49 overall

1956: RB Bobby Moss, West Virginia: A college teammate of Sam Huff, he chose a career in the Navy after being drafted and never played professional football.

1955: C Sam Palumbo, Notre Dame: His lifetime in athletics was more noted for achievements before and after his brief NFL career. A Cleveland high school legend in football and basketball, Palumbo went on to be an active football official for 40 years at the high school and collegiate levels. He was inducted in the Greater Cleveland Sports Hall of Fame in 2016.

No. 80

1987: FB Tim Manoa, Penn State: Nicknamed the Tongan Tank, he was a bullish lead blocker on three Browns playoff teams in 1987-90.

1960: RB Taz Anderson, Georgia Tech: He was traded to the St. Louis Cardinals shortly after being drafted, and went on to great prosperity in commercial real estate in Atlanta.

No. 119

1975: LB Jim Cope, Ohio State: He never played for the Browns and spent one season in the NFL with the Falcons.

1954: OG Don Goss, Southern Methodist: He played six games for the Browns in 1956.

No. 144

1952: RB Roy Thompson, Florida State: He never played a game.

No. 155

1953: LB Galen Fiss, Kansas: A two-time Pro Bowler and four-time defensive captain, he had the game of his life in the 1964 NFL championship game. The defensive star of the Browns’ 27-0 upset victory over the Colts, some believed he would have been named MVP if not for Gary Collins’ three touchdown receptions.

No. 170

1971: K Bob Jacobs, Wyoming: A legendary kicker and punter at Wyoming, he never played for the Browns.

No. 189

2015: DB Charles Gaines, Louisville: His NFL career lasted six games in 2015.

1952: RB Herb Neathery, Illinois: He chose a career in the Air Force and served for 30 years.

No. 221

1950: OG Hal McKinney, Missouri Valley: He never played for the Browns.