#HeyTony: Are the Browns interested in Tampa Bay defensive tackle Gerald McCoy?

Editor's note: Tony Grossi covers the Cleveland Browns for ESPN 850 WKNR.

Hey Tony: Have you heard the rumor Gerald McCoy could become a Brown? If he were, would he be a good addition?

-- Chad, Erie, PA

Hey Chad: At first glance, it seems a logical exit strategy for the Browns – include Duke Johnson to Tampa Bay in some kind of trade package for defensive tackle McCoy. Now to the fine print: McCoy is scheduled to make $13 million in 2019, $12.5 million in 2020 and about $13 million in 2021. Clearly, Bucs coach Bruce Arians wants to move McCoy, 31, who is arguably past his prime and clogging up Tampa Bay’s strapped salary cap. McCoy conceivably would not start ahead of Larry Ogunjobi and Sheldon Richardson. So, do you think John Dorsey wants to pay a rotational tackle $13 million? Of course not. If Dorsey is interested in adding McCoy to the rotation, he might call Tampa Bay’s bluff and wait for the Bucs to release him and then sign McCoy to a significantly smaller contract. Even then, I’m not so sure this is a match. Now, if the Browns suffered an injury to the defensive tackle position, McCoy would be a nice get.

Hey Tony: Given that the Browns did not draft a running back this year. Does this send a message that John Dorsey plans to keep Johnson or could he still be traded before the regular season?

-- Tyler, Mount Vernon, OH

Hey Tyler: I think the Browns effectively have put the ball in Johnson’s court. Failing to trade him, they say they have a clear role for him and expect him to accept it. If Johnson doesn’t report to the mandatory minicamp June 4-6, he will be fined, per the CBA, and that will intensify the friction. I believe Johnson feels he very well could be traded in the middle of the season – a la Carlos Hyde last season – and he doesn’t want that to happen. He would rather change teams now to give himself a better chance of sticking with a new team.

Hey Tony: Will Steve Wilks run his traditional zone-heavy defense, or change it up to man defense for the Browns? With Denzel Ward and Greedy Williams they now have two high draft picks invested in corners that play man defense well.

-- Tony, Washington, D.C.

Hey Tony: I think Wilks will adjust his system to the talent on hand. He will let them do what they do best.

Hey Tony: Do you believe Desmond Harrison is still in the Browns future?

-- Jeff, Chesterland, OH

Hey Jeff: Harrison has elite athleticism for a tackle, but he still needs to be developed physically and, to some degree, mentally. I think the Browns are willing to invest another year in Harrison’s development.

Hey Tony: Do you foresee a 9-7 record being enough to win this division? I have a 6 pack of Pabst riding on this with my friend?

-- Craig, Rocky River, OH

Hey Craig: A 9-7 record could win the division if five of those wins come in division games.

Hey Tony: Who do you think the Browns will take with the 32nd pick in next year’s draft?

-- Nick, Akron, OH

Hey Nick: Depends. Is that a trade down to 32, or are you saying the Browns will be Super Bowl champions?

Hey Tony: Do you think Lebron winning a championship has helped recruit elite players to Cleveland?

-- Mike, Idaho Falls, ID

Hey Mike: When it comes to the Browns, Baker Mayfield has more to do with that than LBJ.

Hey Tony: When a free agent leaves a team (Jamie Collins), is there any chance they return after seeing what the market really is?

-- Brian, Lyndhurst, OH

Hey Brian: It has happened with other teams, but if you’re asking if Collins could return to the Browns my answer would be ‘not happening.’

Hey Tony: Do you think Greedy Williams starts opposite Ward at cornerback?

-- Nick, Rawson, OH

Hey Nick: I think the opportunity is there, but he will have to earn it and Terrance Mitchell is not going to give it up easily.

Hey Tony: Does Dorsey deserve all the credit he is getting without really proving anything yet?

-- Tim, Rockton, IL

Hey Tim: Hasn’t he finally found the Holy Grail – a franchise quarterback? That alone merits Cleveland sports hall of fame consideration.

Hey Tony: Early favorite to take over KR/PR duties?

-- Chuck, Niles, OH

Hey Chuck: Now that he is slotted as the No. 3 receiver I think Antonio Callaway is right for the return duties. He did a good job in the 16th game in Baltimore.

Hey Tony: Do you think Garrett Gilbert has a chance to make the 53-man roster or is he a camp arm?

-- Scott, Bay Village, OH

Hey Scott: I think he’s more than a camp arm but has to earn a spot. Either he challenges Drew Stanton for No. 2 or proves he’s worth keeping as the No. 3.

Hey Tony: Any views on the contract status of Damarious Randall and Joe Schobert post draft?

-- Dino, Melbourne, Australia

Hey Dino: My sense is that the Browns will resume talks with Randall’s camp during training camp and that Schobert’s future will be determined during the course of the season.

Hey Tony: Is it just me or are the Browns looking for smaller linebackers who are good in coverage but also meaner and more violent? Is that a reaction to the league’s evolution or part of the planned defense? Do they have a few LBs who can play the run in the AFC North?

-- Martin, Kansas City, MO

Hey Martin: The Browns primarily want to inject speed and toughness in the linebacking unit. That’s what they saw in Genard Avery. That’s what they saw in Sione Takitaki.