#HeyTony: What would be Gerald McCoy's role with the Browns if signed?

Editor's note: Tony Grossi covers the Cleveland Browns for ESPN 850 WKNR.

Hey Tony: What would be [Gerald] McCoy’s role if signed and do you think he would sign with a team where he was not a starter?

-- Michael, San Antonio, TX

Hey Michael: On paper, I don’t see McCoy as an automatic starter. I believe McCoy can start for a few other playoff contenders, however, and that’s why I don’t consider the Browns the favorite to sign McCoy. A rotational role may appeal to him, but that would come at a lower contract number. It should come down to what McCoy really wants: A big contract, a starting role, or a ring? We should find out soon where McCoy plays in 2019.

Hey Tony: Gerald McCoy. Is this a player that can help the Browns and is needed or is this the idea of collecting star players because they are finally visiting Cleveland and they also are becoming a team of national interest?

-- Chad, Erie, PA

Hey Chad: This is what happens to an ascending team with cap room. Quality veteran players who have been stuck on losers their whole career are naturally attracted to teams on the rise. McCoy surely can help the Browns.

Hey Tony: If the Browns sign Gerald McCoy what happens to Larry Ogunjobi?

-- Doug, Aurora, IL

Hey Doug: He continues to develop as a key player on the defensive front.

Hey Tony: In comparing Steve Wilks and Gregg Williams, do you think this year’s defense will pressure the quarterback more from the D line or from blitzing from the linebacker position, and will they be able to create the turnovers last year’s defense did?

-- Dave, Akron, OH

Hey Dave: In my opinion, Williams’ entire philosophy was based on pressuring the quarterback with blitz packages. That’s why he put such a premium on man-to-man cover cornerbacks – so he could send the house on quarterbacks. Very elementary. I don’t know what Wilks has in store, but based on the acquisitions of Olivier Vernon and Sheldon Richardson, he should be able to apply pressure with the front four only. The very best defenses are able to rush four and cover with seven.

Hey Tony: You have been taking a bit of flak this year, some maybe warranted, some not. Is this the roughest go so far, and if not, what season was?

-- Donnie, St. George, UT

Hey Donnie: Are you serious? Flak from what, social media? Listen, I’ve written and talked about this team through thick and thin for 35 years. Sure, I have battle scars. But I’m still standing and team executives who called weak-kneed publishers and editors for my head are long gone. And so are the publishers and editors who cow-towed to them.

Hey Tony: Do you think we trade Duke [Johnson] knowing the suspension of [Kareem] Hunt is 8 weeks? How does a 3-RB stable work?

-- Brian, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Hey Brian: There is no doubt in my mind that if the Browns get a reasonable offer for Johnson – say, a 2020 fourth-round pick – he will be traded. That offer, however, may depend on an injury to an existing running back. And it may not come until October. I think that’s Johnson’s issue. He prefers to be traded sooner than later.

Hey Tony: Do you think there is any chance [Damarious] Randall gets an extension before the start of the season?

-- Justin, Cleveland, OH

Hey Justin: I think talks between the Browns and Randall will heat up in August. If an extension is not agreed upon by the start of the regular season, I suspect Randall will leave in free agency in 2020.

Hey Tony: Through all the conjecture of OTA show or no show - overall what improvements have been noticeable between practice, staff, coaching thus far?

-- Zach, Dover, OH

Hey Zach: One take I have is that the Browns will be much better on special teams. That alone could equate to two more wins.

Hey Tony: What is a better use of the Browns cap space -- signing [Gerald] McCoy or extending Randall?

-- Matt, Lyndhurst, OH

Hey Matt: I think McCoy is a one-year player and an extension for Randall would be longer term. For that reason, I guess Randall would be the better investment.

Hey Tony: If @obj and Duke Johnson don’t show up to the 1st mandatory practice will they be fined?

-- Tom, Apple Creek, OH

Hey Tom: If the Browns don’t exercise their right to fine them, it would be a bad precedent. That said, I fully expect Odell Beckham Jr. to attend the June 4-6 minicamp. Johnson, I’m not so sure.

Hey Tony: Other than Greedy [Williams], which rookie do you expect to have the biggest impact this year? Do we need any of them to have an impact?

-- Evan, Dallas, TX

Hey Evan: I think Sione Takitaki or Mack Wilson could have an impact. But if Austin Seibert wins the kicking competition, he better have an impact.

Hey Tony: What’s the biggest story you’ve broken in your career?

-- BC, Cleveland, OH

Hey BC: There have been so many … I think the one I am most fond of was the story of the Browns intending to trade linebacker Chip Banks to San Diego on the morning of the 1987 draft. (1987? Good lord!) Banks was a Pro Bowl player but was unhappy with coach Marty Schottenheimer and Schottenheimer had acquired enough currency after a 12-4 season to affect a trade. After receiving a tip late in the evening, I phoned Browns GM Ernie Accorsi after midnight. He was asleep, but took the call and mumbled a confirmation. The story appeared only in late editions of the newspaper. Nowadays, that story would have been tweeted instantaneously. You work hard for “scoops,” but sometimes they happen by sheer luck.

Hey Tony: Is Tom Brady risking the development of a first-round draft pick WR by skipping OTAs?

-- Matt, Plainville, CT

Hey Matt: Nice try. The situations of Brady and Odell Beckham Jr. are totally different. Give it up.