#Top10Thursday: Best-dressed coaches

Well, the season is here. All the popcorn and juice you crave, college basketball fans, will return Friday.

Each Thursday, we’ll try to treat you with a top 10 list -- sometimes serious, sometimes funny, sometimes ridiculous -- that we hope you’ll enjoy.

We’ll start here with a serious one. Who are the best-dressed coaches in college basketball? Agree? Disagree? Tell us on Twitter by using #Top10Thursday.

1. Rick Pitino, Louisville

If college basketball dished out a fashion award, it would be called the Rick Pitino “Do You See This Suit?” Trophy. His $3,000 Italian ensembles are unrivaled in the game. He has a fashion sense that demands attentiveness, style and plenty of cash. Fortunately, he has all three.

2. Jay Wright, Villanova

College basketball’s version of Hulk Hogan vs. Ultimate Warrior, with regard to taste, would pit Pitino against Wright. Villanova’s head coach doesn’t just wear his suits, he becomes them. His colorful shirts and flawless jackets make his elegant ties glow.

3. LeVelle Moton, North Carolina Central

Last year, Moton led North Carolina Central, his alma mater, to the first NCAA tournament in program history. His squad lost in the opening round, but Moton is certainly Elite Eight-worthy with his dignified decorum. Some folks ignore pocket squares. Moton lives by them.

4. Johnny Dawkins, Stanford

You don’t have to be fancy to kill the fashion game. Stanford’s head coach doesn’t employ a lot of color or extras. But his suits still sing from the sideline. He has that political look about him.

5. Kevin Ollie, UConn

Yeah, everybody is talking about what Kevin Ollie accomplished by leading UConn to the 2014 national championship. But he also does marvelous things with pinstripes. Plus, he’s still in good shape so he can throw on a warm-up or pullover and still showcase his youth. His chic and versatility are underrated.

6. Mick Cronin, Cincinnati

Cronin doesn’t like to talk about his suit guy. But the fact that he has a suit guy means that Cronin deserves consideration for this list. His refusal to follow the status quo -- sort of like college basketball’s Nicola Formichetti -- magnifies his courageous stand in the face of the haters who question his flashiness.

7. Tim Miles, Nebraska

How did Tim Miles crack this list? Well, Tim Miles cracks most lists. But he’s on this one because he wore red Prada sneakers to the Peach Jam AAU tourney over the summer. I know a bunch of hip and trendy people who didn’t even know that Prada made athletic footwear. Miles stays ahead of the field.

8. Mark Fox, Georgia

He has that Clark Kent combination of sophistication and confidence going for him. The glasses convey that he’s a man of contemplation. And his conservative power suits suggest that he’s also a man of conviction.

9. John Groce, Illinois

Afraid of a little orange? Not Groce. His Illini blazers are always accompanied by a fresh tie, which makes the outfit sensible. Always vogue.

10. Billy Donovan, Florida

He’s one of two former Pitino assistants on this list (Cronin was Pitino’s associate head coach at Louisville). Donovan is unique in that he doesn’t need the jacket to be fashionable. He’s comfortable with just a shirt and tie because his shirts and ties are always in harmony.