Watch Frank Kaminsky dance to Taylor Swift

Wisconsin forward Frank Kaminsky has long since emerged as college basketball's No. 1 ambassador for pure college-ness. He has a blog and a moped and an affable, funny, forward-facing attitude on life -- the kind you yourself had back when you were enjoying the two-days-of-classes-per-week lifestyle, before you started worrying about your 401(k) contribution. Check the sweatshirt. It's all there.

But I mean, come on. Can he really be that great? Can he cook? Can he dance? Does he bring joy to a sad person's day? This video, made by UW's male a cappella group, Fundamentally Sound, attempts to answer these pertinent questions.

OK, so Kaminsky can't dance. Good to know. But he does have thoughts on sauces and breakfast foods. "When I found out what scramblers were, it was like a whole new world." Never change, Frank. Never change.