#Top10Thursday: Best hair in college hoops

It wasn’t easy to track down the best hair in college basketball. Sure, there were some obvious contenders (Utah State snatched two slots) and a few sleepers (one guy’s hair has a Twitter profile). The rest, however, were difficult to identify. So much good hair in the game.

So yes, you’re probably right to be upset if you don’t see your favorite hair on this list. There are 351 Division I teams and more than 4,000 players at this level.

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1. Jordan Goodman, New Mexico

I know, I know. What about the Utah State duo (see below)? Who could top that crew? Well, Goodman can. You can’t just call that stuff on his head hair. It’s more of a braided mane. It’s like Bob Marley-meets-Mufasa. This is quality stuff.

2. Sean Harris, Utah State

You’ve seen the photo. Harris and Jalen Moore clearly possess the greatest hair tandem in college basketball. The typical high-top fade alone would have earned Harris a high ranking. But a redhead with a high-top fade is hard to beat.

3. Jalen Moore, Utah State

They should put a picture of Moore’s Afro in the dictionary under the definition of “freedom.” Because that’s what his 'fro represents. It’s straight from the ABA or an Isley Brothers music video from the 1970s. It’s wonderful.

4. Willie Cauley-Stein, Kentucky

Sure, Cauley-Stein has gone with a traditional look this season. Nothing special about it. But we all know that it’s just a matter of time before Cauley-Stein gets bored. And we all know the blond -- or blue? -- look will return at some point. It has to. Please?

5. Jake Layman, Maryland

The 6-foot-8 Maryland forward’s hair has its own Twitter profile. And why wouldn’t it? It’s quite majestic and regal. And even on fast breaks, it flops but somehow finds a way to reset itself back to its preferred flawless state.

6. Montrezl Harrell, Louisville

The short-dreads look is cool by itself. Walk into a party with short dreads and you become the party. It’s a fact. When you’re a 6-foot-8 future NBA lottery pick who likes to dunk on grown men and shatter backboards, it really stands out.

7. Spike Albrecht, Michigan

Remember when Albrecht sent a tweet to Kate Upton during the 2013 Final Four? See, when you have that hair, it gives you confidence so you’re not shy about reaching out to supermodels. It hasn’t been a great week for Michigan, but Albrecht has never had a bad hair day.

8. Justise Winslow, Duke

The freshman has this Dr. Cornel West-Mr. Glass (Samuel L. Jackson in “Unbreakable”) thing going right now. And I dig it. It’s like Afro 2.0. It’s both retro and modern.

9. Mo Alie-Cox, VCU

Don’t worry 'bout a ting, mon. That’s the vibe you get from Alie-Cox. Yeah, he’s 6-6 and 250 pounds. But the long dreads make him seem harmless. You just know everything gonna be all right when you see him.

10. Ron Baker, Wichita State

The future pro guard put Wichita State’s hair on the map. Some might see an unkempt hairdo that requires minimal maintenance. Others might see art. The shaggy blond cut works for Baker. Is that Ron Baker or the lead singer of a boy band? Exactly. Sometimes, it’s hard to tell.