Behold Tom Izzo's festive accordion

Behold! I bring you glad tidings of great joy, for today in the city of East Lansing, Michigan, Michigan State coach Tom Izzo is playing Christmas songs on his accordion:

Izzo is many things -- a basketball coach with six Final Fours on his resume, a bracingly honest evaluator of his own team's performances, a leading avatar for frustrated middle-managers everywhere. The nation's leading Midnight Madness costume-donner. And, last but not least, a man who knows his way around an accordion.

For the past few years, around the holiday season, Izzo has been treating listeners of his weekly East Lansing coach's show to some celebratory spirit. He brings his accordion, the players sing along, and much mirth is had by all.

This year's edition -- which includes "Jingle Bells" and "Up On The Housetop" -- comes to us via Michigan State director of basketball operations Kevin Pauga. Thanks, Kevin. It's still early, but this is the best present anyone has gotten us yet.