Tournament Challenge: Early bracket trends

With a few hours in the books since the NCAA tournament field was revealed, here's some info about the early brackets entered in the Tournament Challenge game:

-- 825,000 brackets have been entered as of 9:30 p.m. ET.

-- Not surprisingly, Kentucky is the overwhelming favorite, having been selected in 50.3 percent of brackets to win it all. In fact, 77.9 percent of brackets have the Wildcats reaching the Final Four.

-- The next most popular picks to win it all:

Duke: 10.3 percent

Wisconsin: 9.5 percent

Arizona: 5.1 percent

Virginia: 3.4 percent

Notre Dame: 2.9 percent

Villanova: 2.7 percent

Gonzaga: 2.1 percent

North Carolina: 2.0 percent

Percentage of brackets picking each No. 1 seed for the Final Four:

Midwest: Kentucky: 77.9 percent (next best: 3-seed Notre Dame, 9.7 percent)

East: Villanova: 26.0 percent (2-seed Virginia has more support, at 36.4 percent of brackets)

South: Duke: 55.8 percent (next best: 2-seed Gonzaga, 18.1 percent, 3-seed Iowa State, 16.7 percent)

West: Wisconsin: 43.6 percent (next best: 2-seed Arizona, 31.4 percent)

With the 12-over-5 seeds such as a popular upset pick, here are the number of brackets picking each of the 12 seeds in the Round of 64:

-- Stephen F. Austin (over Utah): 28.1 percent

-- Buffalo (over West Virginia): 26.1 percent

-- Wyoming (over Northern Iowa): 20.8 percent

-- Wofford (over Arkansas): 16.1 percent

Other early bracket notes:

-- There are two seed upsets being picked by the majority of brackets so far: 10-seed Ohio State over 7-seed VCU (57.7 percent) and 9-seed Purdue over 8-seed Cincinnati (52.8 percent)

-- Interesting percentages on 2-seeds reaching the Sweet 16: Arizona (83.4 percent), Gonzaga (82.2 percent), Virginia (69.9 percent), Kansas (69 percent)