Tournament Challenge: 273 perfect brackets after Thursday

After a wild day of the NCAA tournament, just 273 out of 11.57 million Tournament Challenge brackets were a perfect 16-for-16 on Thursday. In comparison, there were 18,471 perfect brackets out of just more than 11 million on the first Thursday last year.

Another 7,802 brackets went 15-for-16 on Thursday. On the other end of the spectrum, there were 2 brackets that go no games correct on Thursday.

The twin upsets by 14-seeds Georgia State Panthers over the Baylor Bears and the UAB Blazers over the Iowa State Cyclones really shook up the brackets. A later win by 11-seed UCLA Bruins over 6-seed SMU Mustangs added to the bracket-busting fun, while the evening games provided a bunch of almost upsets that didn't quite break brackets.

Here are some notable numbers from today's upsets:

14-seed UAB over Iowa State

  • 5.1 percent of brackets had UAB winning, second-fewest among 14-seeds (the Northeastern Huskies, which nearly upset the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, were the least popular 14-seed picked to win in the round of 64).

  • 16.3 percent of brackets had Iowa State in the Final Four; 1.6 percent had the Cyclones winning it all.

  • President Obama had Iowa State reaching the Elite Eight.

14-seed Georgia State over Baylor

  • 8.4 percent of brackets had Georgia State winning, the most among the 14-seeds.

  • 5.1 percent of brackets had Baylor reaching the Final Four; 69 percent to the Sweet 16 (including President Obama).

  • 1.9 percent of brackets picked both UAB and Georgia State to win in the round of 64.

11-seed UCLA over 6-seed SMU

  • 31.5 percent of brackets had UCLA winning, second-fewest among 11-seeds.

  • 2.7 percent of brackets have UCLA facing UAB in the round of 32 (7.7 percent have UCLA in the Sweet 16; 1.7 percent have UAB).

  • 1.3 percent of brackets had the combination of UAB, Georgia State and UCLA winning.

Other "upset" notes:

Close but no cigar (percentage of brackets picking Thursday's almost upsets):

  • 4.5 percent had 14-seed Northeastern over 3-seed Notre Dame.

  • 10.1 percent had 13-seed Harvard over 4-seed North Carolina.

  • 18.1 percent had 12-seed Wofford over 5-seed Arkansas.

  • 29.4 percent had 12-seed Stephen F. Austin over the 5-seed Utah (and 12.9 percent into the Sweet 16).

Other fun facts:

  • 92,190 brackets (0.8 percent) picked the Texas teams to go 0-5 Thursday (i.e. picked the combination of Butler, UCLA, Arizona, Utah and Georgia State to win)

  • 70,634 brackets (0.6 percent) picked the Big 12 teams to go 0-3 Thursday (i.e. picked Georgia State, UAB and Butler)

  • 15.9 percent picked all three Ohio schools to win Thursday (Xavier, Cincinnati, Ohio State).

  • 34 percent picked all four Big East schools to win Thursday (Villanova, Georgetown, Butler, Xavier).

  • President Obama's bracket got off to a slow start, missing 5 of the first 8 games, only getting Notre Dame, Arizona and Ohio State correct. But he recovered by getting all eight evening games correct (including his national championship pick of Kentucky) and finished Thursday with a 11-5 record, landing in the 72.9 percentile.

  • Overall, the better seeds went 12-4 on Thursday. The all-chalk bracket would land you in the 92.2 percentile.

Looking ahead to Friday's games:

  • With all the 14-seeds looking strong on Thursday (two wins and a very close call), the last remaining 14, Albany, is picked in 8.3 percent of brackets to upset 3-seed Oklahoma.

  • 12-over-5 upsets: Buffalo picked in 31.6 percent of brackets to beat West Virginia; 22.3 percent pick Wyoming over Northern Iowa.

  • The second- and third-most popular picks to win it all (Wisconsin and Duke, respectively) play their Round of 64 games.