Tournament Challenge: One bracket remains perfect

Out of more than 11.57 million brackets entered in ESPN's Tournament Challenge, one bracket emerged from the round of 64 of the NCAA tournament with a perfect 32-0 record. This is the first time there was a perfect first round in ESPN's Tournament Challenge since at least 2010 (we're still trying to find out exactly the last time it happened, but it's been a number of years).

There were six perfect brackets heading into the final game of the night between the Dayton Flyers and Providence Friars. The No. 11-seeded Flyers' upset win reduced the perfect field to one.

It's notable that there were any perfect brackets left after the first round given that there were just 273 perfect brackets after Thursday's games, thanks in part to two 14-over-3 upsets. However, the better seed went 15-1 on Friday, losing only in the last game, thus keeping a fair share of brackets alive.

In the end, just five lower seeds won in the round of 64, and No. 10 seed Ohio State was actually picked by the majority of brackets to win. Thus, the all-chalk bracket is 27-5, good for the 98.7 percentile.

And lest you think that your bracket is busted, the teams picked in the most brackets to win it all that are already eliminated were Iowa State (at 1.6 percent) and Baylor (0.4 percent). That's how many favorites are still alive.

Notes on the lone upset of the night (Dayton over Providence)

  • 28.1 percent of brackets picked 11-seed Dayton over 6-seed Providence, the lowest number among the 11-seeds. Just 6.9 percent of brackets have the Flyers reaching the Sweet 16.

  • 93,687 brackets (0.8 percent) picked all five of the double-digit seeds to win in the round of 64.

  • Dayton's win ended a streak of 23 straight games in which the better seed prevailed.

President Obama's bracket

After going 11-5 on Thursday, President Barack Obama went 13-3 on Friday, losing both 12-seed picks (Buffalo/Wyoming) and 10-seed Davidson (which he had reaching the Sweet 16), but hitting on 11-seed Dayton. He's down one Elite Eight team (Iowa State) and two other Sweet 16 teams (Baylor, Davidson). He finished the first round at 24-8 and currently sits in the 70.8 percentile.

Other notes from the round of 64

  • 61.7 percent of brackets picked at least one No. 12 seed to win in the Round of 64. However, losses by Buffalo and Wyoming on Friday meant that no 12-seed survived for the first time since 2007. In contrast, just 35.6 percent of brackets picked at least one 13-seed to advance.

  • Last year's best first-round record was 31-1, shared by 35 brackets. In addition to this year's one perfect first-round bracket, 42 brackets got just one wrong. On the flip side, one bracket got one correct, another three got two correct.

Looking ahead to the round of 32

  • Just 2.7 percent of brackets had UCLA meeting UAB in the first game of the day; 7.7 percent of brackets have UCLA advancing to the Sweet 16, while 1.7 percent have UAB. The remaining perfect bracket has UCLA winning this game.

  • Cincinnati is the least picked team to reach the Sweet 16 at 1.3 percent, but that's because it's facing Kentucky, which is picked to reach the Sweet 16 in 96.3 percent of brackets.