The mustache that won't let Wisconsin lose

LOS ANGELES -- During Thursday's broadcast of the Wisconsin Badgers' Sweet 16 victory over the North Carolina Tar Heels, a camera pivoted toward freshman Aaron Moesch.

That's when the world saw his glorious mustache.

It's magnificent. And there is a story behind it.

Moesch, who spoke with reporters Friday during media availability before Saturday's Wisconsin-Arizona Elite Eight matchup, said he hasn't shaved his upper lip since UW lost to Maryland on Feb. 24.

Since that game, the Badgers have won nine in a row.

That's how the lucky 'stache that changed a season was born. Moesch doesn't believe in superstition, but he's also aware of the impact that his facial hair has had on the program.

“I've just had it going and had it going, then we just kept winning, so I had to keep it growing,” he said. “It's not superstitious; it's just routine. 'Routine' is what I would call it. Superstition, we don't really do superstition, but like tradition and getting into a routine. That's what it is. Some people [encourage it]. Some people say, 'Shave that stuff.'”

Moesch has supporters, though. It's so popular that Wisconsin fans have nicknamed it "The Moeschstache."

“My family, it's growing on my family,” he said. “My family likes it now. They put on fake mustaches for the games. It's definitely [a factor for this run].”

There are, however, drawbacks. He said food gets stuck in his mustache sometimes. But the mustache is not going anywhere. It's too valuable.