Tournament Challenge: 1.6 percent nailed Final Four

Recapping Sunday’s Elite Eight action, only 4.5 percent of brackets picked both the Michigan State Spartans and Duke Blue Devils to reach the Final Four.

Overall, out of 11.57 million brackets, 182,709 (1.6 percent) picked the entire Final Four correctly. The biggest differentiator proved to be Michigan State, which was picked to reach the Final Four in just 9.1 percent of brackets. The three most popular Final Four picks (Kentucky 77.7 percent, Duke 52.3 percent and Wisconsin 41.8 percent) all made it.

That 182,000-plus number is a major improvement from the past two years. Last year, just 612 brackets had the correct Final Four when seventh-seeded UConn and eighth-seeded Kentucky made it. In 2013, a measly 47 brackets got all four teams right, thanks to ninth-seeded Wichita State and a pair of No. 4 seeds making runs to Atlanta.

While the percentage of brackets picking each of the Final Four teams to get there appears above, here are the percentages of each to reach the title game and to win it all:

So 57.9 percent of brackets predict the winner of the Kentucky-Wisconsin national semifinal will be the final team standing in Indianapolis.

Here are the number of brackets that picked the actual Final Four matchups:

Kentucky-Wisconsin: 33.8 percent (72.9 percent of those brackets picked Kentucky to win)

Duke-Michigan State: 4.5 percent (74.3 percent of those brackets picked Duke to win)

And here are the potential national championship combinations:

Kentucky-Duke: 22.2 percent (79.8 percent picked Kentucky to win)

Wisconsin-Duke: 4.4 percent (65.6 percent picked Wisconsin to win)

Kentucky-Michigan State: 1.5 percent (80.3 percent picked Kentucky to win)

Wisconsin-Michigan State: 0.6 percent (65.8 percent picked Wisconsin to win)

Here is a complete breakdown of the success Tournament Challenge participants had in picking the Final Four:

4-for-4: 182,709 (1.6 percent)

3-for-4: 2,503,778 (21.6 percent)

2-for-4: 4,719,031 (40.8 percent)

1-for-4: 3,254,699 (28.1 percent)

0-for-4: 912,785 (7.9 percent)

President Obama's bracket: The president won the only game he could have on Sunday, when Duke defeated Gonzaga. He got two of his Final Four teams correct in Duke and his championship pick, Kentucky. He sits in the 54.2 percentile.