This crazy pic shows just how big Jahlil Okafor's hands are

If you felt sorry for the Michigan State big men who had the unfortunate task of going against freshman phenom Jahlil Okafor in Saturday's national semifinal, just think how that poor basketball felt.

Some of the moves the Duke freshman makes on the court just shouldn't be possible for a 6-foot-11 center, but Okafor is a true freak in the basketball sense -- and his hands are a prime example of that. Check out this photo taken by ESPN reporter Shannon Spake:

Seeing that pic, you can understand why Okafor's hands were a hot topic on the TBS broadcast, with the broadcasters at one point noting that the basketball looked like a yo-yo, with Okafor pulling down rebounds and passing like he had a string in his hand. His very, very, incredibly large hand.