Josh Selby picks Kansas, plans short stay

It didn't have the buzz of Brandon Knight's decision, but Josh Selby's commitment to Kansas Saturday could end up being just as important. After all, Selby is just behind Knight in the 2010 ESPNU 100 -- he's No. 5, Knight is No. 4 -- so picking which player will go on to have a better college career is a little like flipping a coin. We might not remember Selby's televised commitment in the same way as Knight's dramatic announcement last week, but either player could become monsters on the next level. At that point, you can throw recruiting buzz out the window.

Selby will certainly get a chance to prove himself. He chose Kansas, where point guard responsibilities were, thanks to Sherron Collins' expired eligibility, recently vacated. Selby could have an immediate impact in Lawrence and could end up being a one-and-done player. If Selby has his way, his stay in college on the way to the NBA will be nice and short. From Brendan Murphy's Jordan Brand Classic report:

Exactly how long will he be in Lawrence?

"God willing one year," Selby said. "But I have to get where I need to be."

Is this a big deal? I don't think so. Let's not pretend this isn't exactly how most big time recruits feel about their collegiate stays. If they could be in the NBA, they would. But I can imagine Kansas fans, Bill Self, and anyone who would like to preserve the image of high school kids who could go pro enjoying their college sojourns (think of the way John Calipari insisted on how much John Wall wanted to stay at Kentucky for another year) might be a little unsettled by this. It's not often recruits openly admit they plan on only being at school for one year, even when everyone knows it.