Kentucky fans get their own dating site

Midway through last week's candid interview with Marc Maron, President Obama made a persuasive argument against political cynicism. The American people, Obama said, whether supporters or die-hard conservatives, essentially believe in the same things -- modesty, generosity, family -- and don't interact with each other, or "organize their lives," based on simple categorizations like red vs. blue.

He should have added a caveat: Except for Kentucky fans.

If the day to day college basketball interactions of the past, oh, six years or so have reinforced everything, it is that the denizens of Big Blue Nation are different. They travel more. They spend more. They watch more. They care more. They line up and camp out by the thousands just to watch a practice. They tattoo their bodies with preemptive proof of their devotion. They are proud, provincial, unforgiving, and ferociously defensive.

So, yeah: Many Kentucky fans do organize their lives by their affiliation. Now, finally, Big Blue Nation can screen future mates accordingly.

Launched this week, BBNMeetup.com bills itself as a dating service "for people that find cheering for Kentucky sports an important part of their lives and consider it important for their potential life partner to share this interest." It promises to offer many of the same profile features as mainstream dating sites, with the added twist of a metric it calls "fandom," a rating system that will allow users to "look for a potential mate that shares [their] enthusiasm or someone less enthusiastic, depending on preference."

As of Thursday morning, users can begin registering and setting up their profiles. (According to the site's Twitter feed, a flood of users allegedly crashed the site before its launch, though that might just be clever marketing.)

In any case, user profiles go public on July 15. Which means, UK fans, that you have two weeks to choose a selfie angle that is flattering and shows off your Patrick Sparks throwback. Who's ready to love?