Blue Jays hire McDermott, waste no time

Well, that didn't take long. In less than two days after news that former Creighton coach Dana Altman would be taking Oregon's long-vacant job opening, Creighton has (reportedly) recovered and hired its new coach in expedient fashion. "Expedient" barely covers it, actually. Jacob Pullen-level quickness is a bit more like it.

That new coach was not only swiftly hired, but surprisingly so, too. He is Greg McDermott, and he's reportedly leaving his spot at Iowa State to head to Omaha. No kidding.

McDermott is an interesting choice. The coach experienced minimal success in his four-year tenure at Iowa State, failing to get into the postseason each of his four years. In fact, none of McDermott's four ISU teams cracked the 16-win barrier. It's fair to say McDermott's tenure was getting closer to make-or-break time; either the coach was going to turn on the winning, and fast, or he was going to be relieved of his duties and replaced. In a way, Creighton is a convenient lifeline for McDermott. At a reported 10 years worth $9 million deal, that lifeline happens to be relatively profitable, too.

What's interesting about this is that the tables are turned: Iowa State is a BCS conference school with a history of occasional basketball success. It's the sort of place that fancies itself a coaching destination. It does not fancy itself a stepping stone to a Missouri Valley Conference program, not even one as good as Creighton. In this case, though, that's what it was. The tables are turned.

As for Creighton, the hire is something of a coup -- the Blue Jays didn't need to go to an assistant or an obscure mid-major coach, instead landing a Big 12 head coach with a history of success in the MVC. McDermott took Northern Iowa to the NCAA tournament in his final three years with the team. If he can replicate that success with Creighton, Blue Jays fans will quickly forget about Altman's hasty departure, a departure almost as hasty as the McDermott hire. Seriously, that was fast.