Drexel's Bruiser Flint wins best-dressed

Do you learn new things every day? I try, but I can't always claim success. Sometimes entire 24-hour periods go by where I learn very little lasting knowledge, where the most important thing that rattles through my brain is the fact that, believe it or not, there is a flash game on the Internet that lets you play Super Mario Brothers with any of the classic Nintendo characters and their powers. Don't get me wrong -- this is important. It's also awesome. But it hardly qualifies as "learning."

Today was different, folks. Today was a knowledge day. Today I learned that not only is there a contest for the best-dressed coach in college basketball, but that Drexel coach Bruiser Flint was given this meritorious honor. Wild, right?

It's true, though, and it comes via Jeff Eisenberg at the Dagger. CollegeInsider.com set up the contest, which, I have to say, dug pretty deep into the coaching ranks to develop the seeds. The four No. 1 seeds were Rick Pitino, Jay Wright, Frank Martin and Cleveland State's Gary Waters, seen here in an understated black suit-green tie combination. Fabulous! Surprisingly enough, none of the top four seeds made it to the Final Four, where Campell's Robbie Lang, UNC Wilmington's Buzz Peterson, Pepperdine's Tom Asbury, and Flint did battle for the crown. In the end, Flint won, and I have to say, it is hard to find an image of Flint wearing a bad suit, tie or shirt. From the looks of things, Flint is always immaculately tailored. The award is well-deserved.

There is also an assistant coaches' bracket, if that's what you're into. Me, I'd be more interested in a "best name" contest between college basketball coaches. Because I'm pretty sure Bruiser Flint would win that one, too.