#Top10Thursday: Craziest coaching faces

We all watch college basketball for multiple reasons. We love the game. We love the talent. We love the rivalries. We love the competition. And we also love the midgame meltdowns that coaches go through each night.

The following is a list of our favorite facial expressions (shoutout to Jeff Goodman for the idea).

And we know this list isn’t complete. So please use the #Top10Thursday hashtag to share your favorite facial expressions.

1. Tom Izzo (Michigan State Spartans)

Whether Michigan State’s longtime coach is protesting a call, approaching a player for a nose-to-nose "talk" after he draws a technical foul for hanging on a rim or arguing with a store clerk over an unexpected rise in the price of grapes, it’s the same face.

2. Tom Crean (Indiana Hoosiers)

Flabbergasted Tom Crean is the best Tom Crean. But don’t act as though he’s alone. That’s the same face we all made at the end of “Sixth Sense.”

3. Bob Huggins (West Virginia Mountaineers)

It’s a smile but in a “No Country for Old Men” kind of way. It’s that look your mom gives you when she’s extremely mad but doesn’t want her friends at church to know it. You should run.

4. Bobby Hurley (Arizona State Sun Devils)

“How could you pick Molly over Melissa, Jason?!” There’s a chance Hurley just binge-watched Season 13 of “The Bachelor.” But he’s probably upset about the hole his Sun Devils squad will try to escape in the coming weeks.

5. Kevin Ollie (Connecticut Huskies)

The great thing about Ollie’s sideline face is the emotion of it. It’s like he’s angry, confused, sad, worried and disgusted all at the same time. This is also how he looks during discussions about the greatest rappers of all time. “Tupac over Biggie?! Have you lost your mind, son?!”

6. Fran McCaffery (Iowa Hawkeyes)

No need to discuss McCaffery’s facial expressions. Just enjoy them.

7. Jim Boeheim (Syracuse Orange)

The famous suit-coat toss also featured one of the greatest faces of Boeheim’s career. It’s that zero-to-100 quality in him that gets us every time.

8. Mick Cronin (Cincinnati Bearcats)

Maybe he’s disappointed about something that’s happening on the floor. But it’s more likely he’s practicing the moves from Beyonce’s “Run the World (Girls)” video.

9. John Calipari (Kentucky Wildcats)

The interesting thing about this common expression from Calipari is that it doesn’t really matter how his team is playing at the moment. We saw it last season with Kentucky’s 38-1 squad, and we see it this year with the struggling Wildcats who just lost to Tennessee.

10. Sean Miller (Arizona Wildcats)

Miller goes from calm to furious in seconds whenever he’s upset. Those eyes, man. He’s cool and subdued all half, and then something infuriates him and he turns into Jack Nicholson from “The Shining.”