Bored? Try the game simulator

Of course, if you're really bored you should probably take up Super Mario Crossover as a hobby; after I mentioned it yesterday, I can't see why you aren't playing it right this very second. You're a tough nut to un-bore, dear reader.

That doesn't mean Eamonn's patented aggregated brand of boredom solutions doesn't have an answer for you. Far from it. You're reading a college basketball blog right now, so you must like college basketball. How about this, then: SCACCHoops' college basketball game simulator. It's exactly what it sounds like. You plug in two teams from two different drop-down lists and see how they would fare in a simulated game on a neutral court. It's a lot like What If Sports, though from what I can tell, SCACC's simulation seems more focused on the product of both teams' tempo-free tendencies. I like tempo-free. I like simulations. I like this.

To test the system, I checked what would happen if you paired 2009-10 Duke, this year's national title winner, with Duke's 2000-2001 team that featured Jay Williams, Shane Battier, Carlos Boozer, Mike Dunleavy and Chris Duhon. (Holy Wilson Solutions, that team was stacked.) Turns out, it's not as lopsided as you might thing. The first time I simmed it, the 2001 team won by 11 points. The second time, they lost by that same margin. The game has been simulated eight times total on the site, and Duke 2010's record is 5-3. Small sample size, sure, but maybe the Duke's 2010 team deserves a little bit more credit. There's only one way to find out: keep simming it. Who's with me?