Late-game etiquette rules in college basketball

Hello, Kansas fans. Looks like Brannen Greene is in hot water -- again -- after what coach Bill Self called a “classless” dunk in the final seconds of the Jayhawks’ 77-59 home win over Kansas State on Wednesday.

But you’re not surprised. The Brannen Greene doghouse has been under construction for years.

We’re here to help, though.

Here’s a list of etiquette rules that certainly apply in all situations, but definitely demand proper adherence in late-game situations:

  1. Calling a timeout with a few seconds left when you're down double-digits: Listen, coaches. You’re not going to design some play that cuts into that deficit. There are no 10-point plays. Anything you need to say can wait until you see your guys in the locker room.

  2. Leaving starters in and having them actually try to score with a big lead late in the game: What are you doing here? What’s the goal? You’re up big and the game is over. Why are your starters shooting 3-pointers and posting up? Why are they even in the game?

  3. Fouling on every possession in the final seconds when you’re down 20: Ahhhhh!!!!!! Please, please, please stop this. You’re not going to foul your way to a victory in this scenario. It’s just a bad move and you know it.

  4. No pressing when your team has a significant lead late: Unnecessary and ridiculous. You've got the win. Isn’t that enough? You’re still trying to boost your turnover rate? Get outta here with that nonsense.

  5. Pull starters when the loss is inevitable: Now you’re on the other end of it. Your team has lost the game. It’s over. Unless it’s Senior Night or something and they’re your only five seniors, please put the reserves in the game.

  6. Don’t trip officials: This is here because it happened. Yes, Oregon State's Jarmal Reid earned a suspension for his recent actions and he’s remorseful. But this is just a reminder that any physical response to an official has no place in this game.

  7. Don’t try to fight court-storming fans: Yes, schools need to do a better job of controlling court-stormings. It’s dangerous for all involved. But players and coaches -- and fans, too -- should try to avoid one another during court-storms or this might happen.

  8. Don’t miss the handshake line: By all accounts, Mike Krzyzewski didn’t mean any harm when he missed a few folks in the handshake line after Duke lost to Syracuse last month at Cameron Indoor. But the best way to avoid any drama is to get through everyone in the line.

  9. Don’t blow kisses to fans for any reason, but especially after a fight: We get it. King Rice’s Monmouth squad isn’t sharing snaps with Iona. They’re not cool like that. But Rice didn’t help things when he blew kisses to fans after the recent brawl between the two teams.

  10. No dunking with a big lead late: We’ll call this the Brannen Greene Rule. Here’s the thing. We’re not impressed by your late dunk. The game is over. And you look like a jerk.