Tournament Challenge: Yale upset another 12-over-5 bracket buster

Yale celebrates its upset over Baylor on Thursday, a result that should please many who pegged another upset for a No. 12 seed. Mark L. Baer/USA TODAY Sports

A big upset in the sixth game of the tournament knocked out the vast majority of perfect brackets, as only 20.3 percent of brackets had 12-seed Yale beating 5-seed Baylor. The upset whittled the number of perfect brackets to 878,201 out of roughly 13 million (or 6.7 percent).

In terms of Baylor, 31.9 percent of brackets had the Bears going to the Sweet 16; 11.6 percent had them advancing to the Elite Eight; 2.9 percent had them making it to the Final Four.

While Yale was the most-picked upset among 12-seeds, only 4 percent of brackets have the Bulldogs advancing to the Sweet 16 and less than 1 percent have them going to the Elite Eight.

In addition to Yale-over-Baylor being the third upset of the day so far, it represents yet another 12-over-5 upset in tourney history. Per this article today on ESPN.com: “Over the past 31 tournaments, 12-seeds have won 36 percent of games -- far better than a 13-seed's 20 percent and actually a percentage point better even than 11-seeds' records. In fact, 12-seeds have a better record than 11-seeds in the first round.”

And with Baylor’s loss, President Obama’s bracket is no longer perfect.