Tournament Challenge: Perfect brackets hard to find

Another 12-seed-over-5-seed upset has put a further dent in the number of perfect brackets in ESPN’s Tournament Challenge. Following Arkansas-Little Rock’s victory over Purdue, just 147,345 brackets -- or 1.1 percent -- remain perfect out of approximately 13 million.

Just 13.1 percent picked the Trojans to beat the Boilermakers. Arkansas-Little Rock is picked to advance to the Sweet 16 in only 3.6 percent of brackets, and to the Elite Eight in a mere 0.7 percent of brackets.

In contrast, Purdue was picked to make the Sweet 16 in 49.4 percent of brackets, to advance to the Elite Eight in 13.4 percent, and to make the Final Four in 2.9 percent.

Four of the eight games completed thus far in the tournament have featured an upset (in terms of seeding), including two victories by 12-seeds (Yale over Baylor was the other). Here are the bracket picks for the two remaining 12-versus-5 games:

  • South Dakota State over Maryland: 15.0 percent

  • Chattanooga over Indiana: 13.2 percent