Say farewell to Nimrod Tishman

And so the list of awesome names in college basketball dwindles by one.

Last August, Florida's Nimrod Tishman entered college hoops with something of a splash. The guard averaged 18 points, four rebounds and two assists per game in the Under-18 European Championships in July 2009. Surely that scoring potential would pay great dividends on a Florida team desperately fighting to halt its two-year NCAA tournament drought. Plus, his name was Nimrod Tishman, and we college basketball fans have a special relationship with special names. There are dozens served up each year, but Tishman's was especially good; it's just not that often you hear of a guy whose first name is "Nimrod." Immature, I know, but still.

Alas, Nimrod's days at Florida are over. Tishman -- who went by "Rod" this season -- is leaving the program to go to Israel, his native country, to pursue professional options there. The transfer is handy for Billy Donovan, as it manages to make room for the six recruits Donovan signed to scholarship agreements in the 2010 class. It's also probably handy for Tishman: The guard failed to make an impact in his first year at the school, averaging 2.3 minutes and scoring a mere 0.9 points per game. Heading home to go pro, where his reputation likely precedes him, seems like the smart play.

And so it is with great lament that we wave farewell to Nimrod, one of the great names in college basketball in the 2009-10 season. It's a sad day. Adios, Nimrod. We hardly knew ye.