What's next for Jim Calhoun?

Reporting from Friday's news conference during which the University of Connecticut addressed the eight major rules violations the NCAA has accused it of committing, Andy Katz doesn't get the sense that coach Jim Calhoun's job is in jeopardy.

Katz reports that while there is standard language in Calhoun's new contract where knowingly failing to monitor the program for compliance could result in termination, it doesn't appear his job is on the line.

In that way, Calhoun, who turned 68 this month, emerged relatively unscathed compared to a couple of his assistants who are accused of misleading NCAA investigators regarding the recruitment of former player Nate Miles.

But according to Yahoo! Sports' original report that started all this, Calhoun did himself make 16 calls to former team manager Josh Nochimson, who is deemed to have represented UConn's interests in recruiting Miles.

Also from the report:

In August 2007, Miles traveled to Connecticut for the Jim Calhoun Elite Basketball Camp. That week, Calhoun placed a phone call to Nochimson. They talked for three minutes and 58 seconds.

While we don't know what was said, fast-forward to today, and Calhoun had this to say:

"While we may have made some mistakes in the recruiting process, UConn has never wavered in terms of its fostering and maintaining a strong culture of compliance and has always striven to meet the high standards expected of us."